The Rules

The Rules

Here are a few basic rules for players and characters. Give me input if you see something you don’t like; these aren’t set in stone and if someone sees something a different way, I’m always open to change with the exception of Number One.

1. First and foremost: See that section of the Character Sheet with the word alignment? Don’t worry about it too much. Character’s alignments are for describing their outlook on life, not whether or not you can be a monk or druid.

2. But don’t ignore it. It is still important to me, as it acts as a shorthand for how you’re likely to react in certain situations. This is important information for the person who is designing the world around you. Also note: When you fill this part out, if you character would normally wear a label with the word “Evil” in it, do not pass go. I won’t say no to a good concept, but it makes my life infinitely easier to keep things to LG, NG, CG, LN, TN, and CN. And for the love of all that I hold holy, don’t play lawful stupid or lawful douche bag.

3. I reserve the right to say no to certain characters, even after the first session. Sometimes, a character just doesn’t work. And sometimes, characters evolve and grow. If I foresee a problem, or if another player complains, we’ll have a chat. I don’t want to ever have to retire a character, but we’re a group of friends, and friends don’t let some words on a sheet of paper get in the way of that. Since I’m the moderator and referee, I get the final say.

4. This is a corollary to #3. You have a right to build and play the character you want. You don’t have the right to tell another player how to play their character or how to build or play their own. We can be constructive. We can help each other. But if you have a problem with another character, bring it to me. I don’t want anyone’s feelings hurt. Chances are I will know more about the other players’ characters than you, so instead of possibly forcing the player to share something that they’d rather not at this stage, we can try and work something out. And don’t be afraid of having your character sit out a session or two because they’re preoccupied or uncomfortable with something that’s going on. This happens to us in real life, it’ll happen to your characters. We can’t save the world every day. Sometimes, the character might need to go work off some steam by working on a farm or doing some smithing. And sometimes, though we may love our friends dearly, we really, really want to strangle them. So, if you foresee a problem, either let me know or take the character out for a session or two.

5. In keeping with the conclusion of #4, feel free to build alts. If you feel like exploring a different character, your current character is chaffing a bit, or something unfortunate happens you’ll have a lifeline. XP will be even for everyone at any given time. This also means multiclassing is free, though no Dippy McMulticlasses will be allowed. Bonuses for good roleplaying, bringing munchies, or sexual favors will be awarded in another fashion.

6. Action points. You get one per session, and you can get others for good roleplaying, doing things for the group, etc. The modify your luck, enabling you to do things you only see in the movies. Need a reroll? Spend an action point for take two. Want to be sure that explosive you planted goes off properly? Spend an action point instead of rolling for an auto success. Note, though, that if you spend it for an auto success, there is no chance of a critical, as it supersedes the roll. They aren’t win buttons, and you can only use one per scene, but they’re there to be helpful. This is also the only part of your character that you’re required to share with your fellow players.

7. Going along with #6, Sometimes, what your fellows don’t know will make the game more interesting. If your name is Inigo Montoya, and that dude killed your father you don’t have to tell anyone else, even if they ask why you have such a hate-on for that dude. Likewise, your bard need only have the Perform Skill to be a bard. Your hedge witch could mechanically be a wizard, or could really be a wizard who is in hiding. Sometimes, what your fellows don’t know will make the game more interesting. I won’t say no to keeping secrets at the table.

8. Don’t worry about races. If there is no ECL, or the ECL is only +1, assume you can use it. Half races take after one parent, so a half elf will either be mechanically a human or an elf. Orcs are replaced mechanically by half orcs, so you’re either a particularly orcish human or a particularly human half orc. Feel free to describe pointed ears, tusks, etc. The half orc sucks less than the orc and the half elf just plain sucks. No abusing this, though. I’ll let you know if you can’t use a character or race when you submit the character, though common sense comes into play. If the party is in the middle of a goblin stronghold that’s isolated from the rest of the world, I’d need a good reason for your elf to show up. And don’t be afraid to dig into the SRD or other books for races. Be creative.

9. There will be muzzle loaded firearms. Rifles and Pistols are martial weapons, and rogues gain proficiency with the latter only. You want on, let me know, I’ll get you stats. Also, there are combinations of other weapons and firearms, such as axes, daggers, and shields. If you can show me evidence that the weapon existed before 1800 and was actually viable, we’ll talk. I may have stats for it; I may have to do some math.

10. Characters will start the game at level six. You’ve been around for a bit, but you aren’t really anything special. You might have served in the military, you might have been a raider, you might come from a noble family but you haven’t made a name for yourself yet. All characters will be checked by me before approval, so if you use non-SRD feats, notate where the feat comes from to make my referencing easier. If you can get me a printed copy of your character sheet that’d be great. There are some nice digital sheets out there, and they make everyone’s life easier.

Other weird notes: Office 2010 doesn’t recognize the word “orcs” but does recognize “Orcus.” It’s three thirty as I write this and I’m tired, so if something seems off, see the intro and give me a call.

The Rules

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